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Apple transparent zirconium

Apple transparent zirconium

Lisa Pappon

Exclusively for BULL & STEIN, Lisa Pappon, artist and designer from São Paulo/Brazil, creates inimitable apple sculptures as a universal symbol reflecting desire and voluptuousness.

In her work, Lisa pappon has long sought an icon that unites all peoples regardless of their origin. The apple is a symbol that spans the globe and has recurred in the most remote and diverse cultures for millennia. Lisa Pappons has once more realized her cultural vision with her new collection of mouth-blown, coloured glass apple sculptures.

Available in five colours: aquamarin, amber, emerald, zirconium and amethyst.

The apple, symbol of the earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, Ishtar's pome, fruit of the Hesperides and of Avalon, has expressed emotion, inspiration and ideas since the dawn of time.
A reward to the beautiful and the heroic, a badge of authority and a source of magic, myriad cultures have associated these attributes with the apple and as such the fruit has adorned human art throughout the ages.

Price is for
Bull & Stein glass apple sculptures are mouth-blown in coloured glass and are hence unique. Every sculpture has its own character.
cm   12 l.   12 d.   10 h.
inch   4 710 l.   4 710 d.   3 910 h.
Worldwide shipment available at cost.