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The Giorgetti atelier


The first Giorgetti Atelier comes into being: a journey through the universe of design.

Giorgetti has chosen Via Serbelloni for the inauguration of a new concept of showroom: the first floor apartment of about 500 square metres comes into being with the desire to contextualize the Giorgetti collection in an intimate and private form.

The inspiration of the historic ateliers of the great fashion houses, where craftsmanship and manual skill expressed in the details of the clothes, merged with the display of the designs, characterize a project where the furniture-making experience and cultural insight of the company can be emphasized in a private and welcoming space. A domestic gallery seen as a privileged stage, where space is divided according to the criteria of conviviality and culture, bringing the showroom closer to the public in a more intimate way.

The exhibition path opens with a "historical cabinet", to celebrate the company's centenary of production, through the display of wooden templates, historical product frames, watercolours and books with period drawings. Continuing, a coffee room is reached, with a cosy kitchen, acting as a lobby to the gallery dedicated to the various collections which occupies the whole area of the apartment. A bedroom suite, a living room, meeting room and an office: the different types of product find their natural settings in the apartment.

The project has preserved the original materials, such as the natural oak floors and the decorative plaster profiles, but at the same time, it has been enhanced with a contemporary design through false ceilings with integrated lighting suffused by dramatically elegant curtains.

The Giorgetti atelier concentrates all the value of craftsmanship with the objective of making known and promoting the cultural and personal heritage of the company.

The building is in an interesting area where there are important historical buildings, such as Villa Necchi Campiglio and Villa Mozart for example. The atelier aims to become a privileged place to visit for those who want to know, discover and admire from close at hand the history of Giorgetti.

The project for the Giorgetti Atelier was designed by the architect Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri.


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